Clearly, there isn’t going to be an awful lot of information on here as I’ve decided to blog anonymously.

Suffice to say I’m a female of indeterminate age, and I run my own independent bookshop in the UK. I eat fig rolls religiously. That’s pretty much all you’re getting.

I love the book industry and all who work in it. This isn’t meant to be an exposé or anything, but I thought I could be a bit more forthright (and hopefully funnier too) by blogging undercover as it were. 

There may be some light lampooning here or there. Please be advised that all opinions are my own.

Thanks very much for visiting the blog – I hope you enjoy it.


Update (July 2018): I have stopped writing this blog now. It was fun. Hopefully I’ve helped put Indie Bookshops on the map a little. Better to stop now than find myself writing a blogpost on Paper Clips versus Foldback Clips. Bye and see you around, book folk!! 😎📚🖐️