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Philip Pullman: An Update

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Back in July I wrote a blogpost about the new Philip Pullman book La Belle Sauvage, my main gripe being that Independent Bookshops such as my own were being completely priced out of selling any copies, due to the aggressive pre-publication discounting of larger retailers with deep pockets.


Books Are My Bag

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Books Are My Bag is a national campaign run by The Booksellers Association to promote bookshops in the UK.

It is centred around three main events:


  • Bookshop Day 2017 (Sat 7th Oct)
  • Saturday Sanctuary (Nov 25th) and 
  • The BAMB Reader Awards.


BAMB is now in its fifth year, and any campaign that celebrates the value and vital role of physical bookshops in this online age must surely be a good thing.